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We are a clothing establishment with a unique objective of spreading the gospel through our fashionable and high-quality clothing line.Moreover, it is no longer news that quite several individuals and establishments already doing what they can in sharing spreading the gospel. However, due to the need to further boost the awareness, acceptance, and genuine application of the gospel, we have now saddle ourselves with this mandate to contribute our quota as needed.

Uniqueness of our mission

Yes! We have subscribed to the goal to make you look good with our exceptional clothing line. However, just like a two-edged sword, we are also innovatively inscribing relevant scriptures on strategic sections of our clothing. While this gives people varied clothing needs, it also brings about a unique and more interest approach to witnessing the gospel of Christ for enhanced triumphant living. 


Core value

Without being hypocritical, we also get to earn through this move. However, this does not in any way, overshadow our intentions to spread undiluted gospel of Christ through our clothing line. Nonetheless, for optimal satisfaction of our existing and potential end-users, we have come to base our operation of some customer-oriented core values which are as follows: 

  • Provision of only High-quality clothing
  • Utmost dedication to meeting client’ need
  • Sharing of ideal, undiluted and life-changing scriptures  through the cloths
  • Unmatched round the clock customer services


Our motivation

Our passion has always been fuelled by the satisfaction derivable by our clients; this is in the form of fashionable, durable, comfortable and reasonably affordable clothing. Likewise, aside from the fact that our clothing line is a means of spreading the gospel, it further fuels our passion to satisfy our customerss.