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2 prophecy   (Revelation 2, Daniel 8)

He knows about us and what we are doing. He knows our thoughts, circumstances even faith. So God says that you should walk by faith because I am coming, be ready to go with me.

Be ready with your faith to go with Jesus Christ but one thing is firm in your faith that you are saved by the blood of Jesus. You will eat from the tree of life and this is a paradise of G od. You can lose your gift by rejecting the good news of his son, and then you can fall into the big sin the sin of rejection which is not forgettable in the eye of God.

Repent today and receive the gift of God. Only Jesus is the way on which you can reach heaven.

God uplift us in weakness

If you fall in sins then God will uplift you, when you call him even the Holy Spirit helps you. So don't be moving your position in Christ to non-believers. Jesus is coming, be ready to fly in the air to go to our eternal homes which God made for us to live with him forever with peace.

Daniel dreamed

Daniel is the prophet of God who saw the dream about the prophecy of Jesus Christ who will save his nations when he comes. He will collect his nations and peoples who are persecuted these days.

The ram which Daniel saw in the dream his horns show the two kings of Persia and Media and the king of Greece will also be defeated by God due to their foolishness. Daniel's vision is that Jesus Christ is the son of God who will die for us on the cross to defeat the devil and his followers. He will arise up to make us the righteousness of God. In these days who accept Jesus Christ, he will receive the heaven of God. When Jesus will come he collect his nations not others because all the believers belong to his nations.

Authority on all nations

God said about the church of Thyatira that I will not more burden on you, just hold which you have. If you will overcome at the till end, I will give you the authority over all nations. This prophecy showing that you should be firm in your belief in Jesus Christ because he is coming for his church or for his sons and daughters. If you lose your faith then you lose everything which you have. If you did good works but have no faith in Jesus Christ then you have nothing that could you hold till the end. So be ready, be firm in faith in Christ’s good news gospel of grace then you will receive the authority on all the nations.

Quotes ( prophecy’s )

  • Jesus is coming very soon for his church to reign our world because he is the king of the king.
  • Don’t weep; you are saved because the root of David becomes a fruitful tree, and he again coming soon.
  • Jesus is our powerful king who supports us.
  • We have the heritage of our king Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus king is our powerful shield
  • Jesus is the only king who saved all mankind not just country