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Left handed

7 Left-handed (judges 20:16

The children's of Benjamin gathered and they have swords to gout to war against Israel. They were counted out of the city twenty-six thousand men who drew the swords. And the inhabitants of the Gibeah were counted seven hundred chosen Men. They were skillful to kill the people. Total all the soldiers there were twenty-six thousand men who drew swords and seven hundred were left-handed. Every one of them could sling the stone at a hair without missing.

Why the left-handed, draw the swords against Israel?

The people of Benjamin were treated wrong with the Israeli man and with his wife, and they had sex with her, abused her all night. The husband felt very sad to see his wife in this condition. He was Israeli so he took a knife, cut her concubine into pieces, and sent to all his Israeli sisters and brother that what we should do with the people of Benjamin who belong to Gibeah. So they take counsel and speak, such deed has never been done before and they decide to revenge. So then left-handed the Benjamin also drew the sword against Israelis.

Left-handed got defeated by the Israelis

So Israeli went to fight with the Benjamin people of Gibeah. First left-handed killed the twenty-two thousand Israelis. Next day they again killed the eighty thousand Israelis. But after this, all the Israelis were sad to hear this news and they offered it to God and wept. Then they fasted here and peace offering to Yahweh God. So God answered to them I agree with you.

So 3rd day all the people of Israeli gathered again and killed the twenty-five thousand one hundred Benjamin people. All these drew the sword.

Who conquered the through Joshua on the wall of yahoo this is the power of God which uplift us in every war if we have believed in him. The skills of the left-handed are nothing before God's power.

God will never leave them without revenge because they reject God's will. Who will fight with the peoples of God even they are small but God is with them? Where are the people of the Benjamin or left-handed skillful people who were against Israel?

God is powerful even they were skillful. Israeli was conquered on the left-handed only by the power of God. In this war first-time twenty -two thousand Israelis were killed by the people of Benjamin in Gibeah. In next day they were again killed by left-handed, counting eighteenth thousand Israelis. But God gives power to Israel and uplifts them over the Benjamin peoples of Gibeah.